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            Singeing frame series
            LCL01 type singeing frame
            LMH003A type singeing machine
            Knitted fabric singeing frame
            Non-woven fabric singeing and ...
            Washing machine series
            15-300KG industrial washing ma...
            15-150KG laundry drier
            SS type centrifugal hydroextra...
            Dryer series
            Cylinder drying machine
            Dyeing and finishing machine...
            ASPS double-jet fire access
            TM2, TM type gasoline vaporize...
            Stainless steel series drying ...
            Stainless steel series twitch ...
            Taizhou Chuanglian Printing And Dyeing Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturing enterprise of printing and dyeing equipments, such, as singeing machine, drying machine, washing equipment and rolling parts.

            Currently, our products can meet all market requirements based on continuous upgrading for years.

            Main products: various singeing machines, drying machines, whole set washing machines, laundry driers, graining machines, water extractors, ironing machines, stainless steel twitch roller, drying cylinder, cooling roller, heating roller, and new type fire access.

            In recent years, our company has developed many high-efficiency, energy saving and environmental friendly new type equipments based on international leading technology and ideas from industry experts. And our product quality is among the leading grade relying on continuous improvement and innovation.

            Keeping the tenet of “win market share by quality and get high reputation from service”, we warmly welcome wide colleagues to visit us and create brilliant tomorrow together!
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